Sweet Love Letters

Wow Nicole!!! I dont even know where to start...the words thankyou are not enough to explain how happy you made us. You were an absolute pleasure to deal with from the very start and made it so easy for us. We couldn't have found anyone nearly as good as you to create our wedding cakes. These cakes were definitely one of the main highlights on our special day and I will cherish these photos for ever. They taste just as good as they look. You are by far the best decorator I have ever seen. Thankyou for creating such magic for us.

Thank you so much for our beautiful Wedding cake. It was certainly up there with one of the best parts of the day. The cake was even more beautiful than I could have imagined. There was not a single person in the room who did not comment on it, and that was before they even tasted it. The cake looked so spectacular I had a hard time convincing people it was a real cake before they tried it. It was one thing about the day everyone is sure to remember. You are a genius!!!  Thanks again for making a special day even better!!

Nic!!! You are bloody amazing!!!!!! My wedding cake was outstanding Fricking amazing!!!!! Everything I would of dreamed of and even more! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANKYOU! Can't wait for Lyss to have my photos ready so I can frame a cake pic for my kitchen wall so I can stare at it all the time! You are amazing.

Many thanks Nic.  The cake looked absolutely stunning and tasted great too! My only regret was not being able to sit down and spend some time admiring all the work that had gone in to it. Thank you for doing such an amazing job!  You might hear from us next year as we were thinking about getting some cupcakes made again in the flavour of the wedding cake and taking them out to Gleniffer to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.

Thanks so much Nic - this cake was absolutely perfect! So many people were complimenting your talent on the night and oh my gosh it tasted DIVINE! Best wedding cake I've ever tasted xox

Thank you so much Nic. Everyone was absolutely blown away and it was so yummy! Thank you so much!

I wanted to thank you for the gorgeous cakes and the amazing flavours, everyone loved them! Definitely made the right choices.

Thanks so much Nic! My cake was absolutely gorgeous, It blew my mind away when I saw it. You did such an amazing job.

Just wanted to say thank you for our absolutely amazing cake. It looked and tasted divine and everybody was talking about how delicious it was.

Firstly thank you times a million for all of the time and effort you put in to creating our perfect wedding cake! It was divine and we received so many comments about how amazing and delicious it was and how cute the miniature us were! We can't thank you enough!

Thankyou so much for creating such a beautiful wedding cake for us, it truly looked so stunning - absolutely perfect (It did taste as good as it looked too so thankyou).

Kahlie + Carl, Beachstone Cafe - Photo courtesy of Meraki Images

Both Nathan and I were so very happy with the cake. I kept talking about it all night. Our guests commented on how gorgeous it was, as well delicious. The ferrero rocher flavour was absolutely genius. Thank you so much for your awesome work.

Amie + Nathan, Pacific Bay Resort - Photo courtesy of James Dean Photography

Wow!! You did a wonderful job creating and baking our wedding cake, I was sooooo happy with it! It was delicious and I liked that the white icing wasn't too thick. The birds were adorable and the flowers were amazing! Some guests actually thought the flowers were real! Your cake totally exceeded my expectations, I was so impressed! Once again, thank you soooo much!

- Image courtesy of Mike and Amy Photographers

It was the most amazing cake. The guests couldn't stop raving about it. Tasted delicious and looked amazing! You are so talented. I couldn't keep my eyes off the cake throughout the reception. And today I have found myself going back to the photos to look at how pretty it was. I'm now trying to think of another occasion I can get a cake for. We loved it!

The cake looked amazing. I must admit, I was a little too seasoned to try it on the night, but I had plenty the next day and OMG! It had to be the most amazing cake I have ever tried. Everyone could not believe how spectacular it looked, and ever better how amazing it tasted. Thank you so much, it really added to an absolutely perfect evening.

Orara Valley Estate

WOW! The cake photo looks amazing Nic!! And only because it actually was!!! I am thrilled it made it on the Modern Wedding magazine website too!!! Your work was beautiful and much enjoyed by all thank you. You helped make our day perfect. Thank you so much for all your efforts. I had to give your details to a few people as everyone was asking about you!!! I truly can't thank you enough Nic so I will try to stop repeating myself but I will be extremely happy and confident to recommend you to everyone. Love your work xo

Thanks again for the amazing work you did creating our gorgeous cake. Not only was It was so beautiful and exactly what we asked for but it was so delicious, you nailed it!!!!  If we are ever up that way and in need of a cake we will definitely be calling on you...maybe 1st wedding anniversary!!!

That cake was truly amazing. The taste was sensational + it looked perfect. The delivery service to the site + design process with you was very easy. Thank you.

I was waiting to email you when I had the right words to describe just how amazing my cake was. I am still yet to find them. Thank you from the absolute bottom of my heart! I wish I had more sufficient words than that! The cake was absolutely incredible. It took my breath away. It was more than everything I dreamed of, a million times more magnificent than the photo I gave you.

. . . the other crowning moment of the day was, without doubt, the beautiful creation that you presented. It was almost a crime to cut the surface, however once that was done, our guests were treated to the most delicious chocolate mud cake many of them confessed they had eaten. Praise coming from people who were not really "into mud cakes" as well . . . the problem is that just seeing the cake does not really satisfy one's true appreciation - that lies with the eating of the cake . . . it is a shame that I did not take a poll at the wedding - 53 guests all "raving" over the cake, before it was cut and then after eating it.

Every time you post a photo of a cake creation you have made, I am amazed. Such talent, you are truly gifted. The joy you bring to people's lives through your edible art is inspirational. I think of my wedding cake you made and drool. Best cake I’ve ever tasted without a doubt.

Aanuka Beach Resort

I am the bride of this wonderful cake. It blew both of us away. It captured us perfectly and we fell in love with it as soon as we saw it. Actually didn’t want to cut it but so glad we did as it was amazing. That amazing that Adam and I were lucky to get a piece. Thank you so much for all your efforts. We truly appreciate it (surprise wedding cake organised by Ashlee’s Mum).

Friday Creek Retreat

Thank you soo soo much for our amazing cake! You are soo gifted and the amount of comments from everyone was phenomenal and such a credit to your work and talent. There was literally about 12 slices left over from the wedding that were devoured at our family brunch the following morning within seconds!

Aanuka Beach Resort

These (personalised figurines) were absolutely amazing. I was speechless. Just an unbelievable addition to our wedding cake. Then to top it off, the cake tastes exquisite. Thank you so much Nic for adding to our special day.

Opal Cove Resort

Thank you so much for creating the most spectacular, stunning, beautiful and delicious cake that I have ever laid eyes on! That is a huge statement, given the fact you have crafted so many magnificent cakes for my family! This one however, "takes the cake"! The fact that you matched my invitations, signage and theme within a cake is phenomenal!!! Thank you for creating a memory for me that surpassed all expectations. I had the most amazing night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Thank you for the cake - not only was it beautiful, it was absolutely delicious and tasted very fresh. I often find that wedding cakes are a little stale I think because they are baked a little too early to allow for decorating time - so that was a very nice surprise. Most importantly - my Grandmother absolutely loved the cake - both the look and the taste - which was the most important thing. She didn't want to cut it up because it was so beautiful!

. . . my grandparents thought the cake was amazing! My grandma had tears in her eyes when she saw it, she thought it was just perfect and had no idea cakes could be created like that! (She couldn’t believe it was all edible!). The cake was just perfect in my eyes. I really think it heightened the occasion even more.

I've only ever seen my Dad cry less than a handful of times during my lifetime but tears were shed when he saw this amazing cake. Nic, you did an outstanding job of translating my Dad's story into something really special. Thank you.

I am writing to say thank you for Antony’s stunning birthday cake. It was very much admired centrepiece and totally consumed by night’s end! You interpreted the brief perfectly; most comments were about how the cake completely captured Antony’s main interests – you only had to look at it to know what his hobbies and favourite things are. Your execution and attention to detail are simply brilliant, many couldn’t believe it was actually edible as it looked so perfect! And finally, Antony really loved his cake and it is a memorable part of his special evening. Thanks again Nic and I wish you all the very best. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to family and friends or to use your services again.

Nic I can't even form a sentence to thank you enough for this beautiful and delicious cake! Everyone was asking where I got it from and who made it; I couldn't have recommended you highly enough to everyone! I will definitely be ordering many more cakes from you!

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